Common Cause’s 2024 Democracy Scorecard will be finalized and publicized here in late summer 2024;
please feel free to check out previous versions of our Scorecard below.

New York – NY-19

We didn’t score House Members who were in office for less than a year, and certain House districts are currently vacant or have representatives-elect who haven’t been sworn in yet.

Kirsten E. Gillibrand

Kirsten E. Gillibrand

Senate Democrat

Bills and Resolutions to Cosponsor

S. 51

S 443

S 481

S 2512 or S. 4188 or S. 4177

S 2702

SJ Res 25

Bills and Resolutions with Votes

H.Res. 24

H.R. 3233

S. 2093

S. 1

S. 2747

S. 4

H.R. 5746

H.R. 5746

Confirmation vote

  • pro-democracy reform position
  • anti-democracy reform position