The Democracy Scorecard

IN 1970, JOHN W. GARDNER, a Republican whose sense of duty to country over party led him to serve in the cabinet in the administration of a Democratic president, had a simple but powerful idea: citizens engaged in the democratic process can make a difference. “We want public officials to have literally millions of American citizens looking over their shoulders at every move they make,” Gardner wrote. “We want phones to ring in Washington and state capitols and town halls. We want people watching and influencing every move that government makes.”

Gardner’s letter launched Common Cause; his idea continues to animate our work, including this 2018 Democracy Scorecard. This Scorecard is geared to help amplify the voices of everyday Americans who have been silenced by big money in politics, voter suppression tactics, and other schemes to block people from participating in our democracy. Common Cause’s 2018 Democracy Scorecard reflects a commitment to ensuring that all Americans’ voices can be heard in our government and that everyone plays by the same set of common sense rules. The Scorecard provides data on every current member of Congress based on their sponsorship or cosponsorship of key democracy reform bills that Common Cause and our 1.2 million members support.

Garret Graves 
Gregory Meeks 
Albio Sires 
Cedric Richmond 
Nanette Barragán 
Rob Woodall 
Harold Rogers 
Frank LoBiondo 
Brenda Lawrence 
Donald Norcross 
Stacey Plaskett 
Ron Estes 
Ted Lieu 
John Garamendi 
Luke Messer 
Bennie Thompson 
Rick Nolan 
Ryan Costello 
Frank Lucas 
Barry Loudermilk 
Virginia Foxx 
Ted Deutch 
Raul Ruiz 
Norma Torres 
Chellie Pingree 
Paul A. Gosar 
Jimmy Panetta 
Dave Brat 
Joe Barton 
Diana DeGette 
Alex Mooney 
Nydia Velázquez 
Kenny Marchant 
Jodey Arrington 
Cathy McMorris Rodgers 
Sean Duffy 
Suzan DelBene 
Adam Kinzinger 
Michael Turner 
Patrick McHenry