Common Cause’s 2024 Democracy Scorecard will be finalized and publicized here in late summer 2024;
please feel free to check out previous versions of our Scorecard below.


H.R. 5746

Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act

H.Res. 851

Mark Meadows criminal contempt resolution

H.R. 5314

Protecting Our Democracy Act

H.R. 5720

Courthouse Ethics and Transparency Act

H.Res. 789

Rep. Paul Gosar censure resolution

H.Res. 730

Steve Bannon criminal contempt resolution

H.R. 4

John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act

H.Res. 503

Resolution creating January 6th Select Committee

H.R. 2662

IG Independence and Empowerment Act

H.R. 3233

Independent commission to investigate January 6th insurrection