Arizona – AZ-01

Tom O’Halleran 

Tom O’Halleran 

House Democrat
11/15 co-sponsorships

Money in Politics

HJR 31, Democracy for All Amendment

HR 1615, Get Foreign Money out of U.S. Elections Act

HR 20, Government by the People Act



HR 1562, HR 3132, HR 3751, HR 4276, HR 5011, or HR 5147

HR 2840 Automatic Voter Registration Act, HR 2876 Automatic Voter Registration Act of 2017

HR 2978 Voting Rights Advancement Act, HR 3239 Voting Rights Amendment Act

HR12, Voter Empowerment Act

Ethics, Conflicts Of Interest, and Abuse Of Power

HR 1960, Supreme Court Ethics Act

HR 356, Protecting Our Democracy Act

HR 371, Presidential Conflicts of Interest Act

HR 5476/HR 5505; Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act, HR 3654 Special Counsel Independence Protection Act

Fair Representation & Media & Democracy

HJ Res129, Net neutrality resolution of disapproval CRA

HR 1102 Redistricting Reform Act, HR 712 John Tanner Fairness and Independence in Redistricting Act

HR 1439, Keeping Our Campaigns Honest Act

Jeff Flake

Jeff Flake

Senate Republican
0/15 co-sponsorships

Money in Politics

S 1585/S 3150, DISCLOSE Act

S 1640, Fair Elections Now Act

S 1989, Honest Ads Act

SJR 8, Democracy for All Amendment


S 1419, Voting Rights Advancement Act

S 1437, Voter Empowerment Act

S 1588, Democracy Restoration Act

S 2593, S 3049, S 3116, Election security bills

Ethics, Conflicts Of Interest, and Abuse Of Power

S 27, Establish a Commission to End Russian Interference in United States Elections

S 65, Presidential Conflicts of Interest Act

S 835, Supreme Court Ethics Act

Fair Representation & Media & Democracy

S 1880, We the People Democracy Reform Act

S 2578 2020 Census IDEA Act, S 2580 Every Person Counts Act

SJR 52, Congressional Review Act

  • pro-democracy reform position
  • anti-democracy reform position